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About Bitcoin Gold BTG

The Bitcoin Gold is a creation of Jack Liao and was released as an hard fork of Bitcoin. The goal of the BTG is to become a better store of value, hence the name Gold (gold), the Bitcoin. The main way to achieve this purpose is to try to solve the problem of centralization of the Bitcoin mining when implementing a change in evidence (proof-of-work) of active mining algorithm. For this to happen, it was necessary to do an hard fork. Proof of work that was chosen by the creators of BTG's Equihash, an algorithm that is quite resistant to ASIC and which is also used by Zcash, Another famous coin in the crypto world. The idea is to return to ordinary users the mining task when using CPUs and GPUs to mine instead of ASICs, computers that require large scale operations, much energy consumption and are dominated by large mining pools.

Equihash Algorithm

Equihash is a Proof-of-Work algorithm devised by Alex Biryukov and Dmitry Khovratovich. It is based on a computer science and cryptography concept called the Generalized Birthday Problem. This algorithm is best known in the currency zcash which brought decentralization and privacy to virtual currency. All this thanks to gpu mining.

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